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Mortgage Source

SRH&CDC Mortgage Source services provide an easy and fast way to find the best home loan program for you from all available lenders in your area. Mortgage Source is an online mortgage origination system for non-traditional borrowers who want traditional pricing. It is a national alternative to traditional local or regional lender options. You can use Mortgage Source for new mortgages or the refinancing of existing loans. The application process is safe and secure, with no possiblity of predatory lending. Your personal information is not sold to brokers or sent to multiple lenders.
The process:

  1. Registration–only takes a few minutes
  2. Complete Loan Application
    • Only takes 10-15 minutes
    • Social Security number is required to generate an accurate credit profile
  3. Free tri-merge credit report
    • Generate accurate personal financial profile
    • Define your maximum loan amount
  4. Generate multiple loan options
    • Our Fast Approval System (FAS) evaluates your unique financial profile with 100+ lenders and over 40,000 loan options
  5. Review and select loan option
    • Review the best 3-7 loan options
    • Select the best loan option for you!